Lay Faithful Statutory Bodies and Pious Societies and Chaplains

S/NNames of the Bodies and SocietiesChaplains
1Laity CouncilFr. M. Ogudu
2Catholic Men Organization (C.M.O)Fr. C. Okoro
3Catholic Women Organization (C.W.O)Fr. L. Ajah
4Catholic Youths Organization of Nigeria(CYON)Fr. L. Nwekee
5St. Anthony’s GuildFr. K. Ezuma
6St. Jude’s SocietyFr. D. Okoli
7Legion of MaryFr. Peter Aneke
8The Block Rosary CrusadeFr. P. Azi
9Association of the Sacred Heart of Jesus & I.H.MFr. H. Chieme
10Catholic Charismatic Renewal of NigeriaFr. I. Nnaji
11St. Theresa of the Child JesusFr. A. Oyon
12Catholic Biblical Instructors Union(CBIU)Fr. P. Elom
13Catholic Biblical MovementFr. P. Ufiem
14Purgatorian SocietyFr. P. Ufiem
15Tansi Solidarity MovementFr. O. Onwe
16Lay Readers AssociationFr. C. Orji
17Altar Knights AssociationFr. J.U. Nwankwo
18The Nurse GuildFr. A. Nwali
19The Knights of St. MulumbaFr. J. Odoemene & Fr. P. Otu-ibe
20The Knight of St. JohnFr. R. Eselu & Fr. K. Nome
21Man of Order and DisciplineFr. Johnpaul Eselu
22Diocesan Association of ChoirsFr. D. Ofuluozor
23Missionary Society of St. Paul (MSP)Fr. C. Nnachi
24Association of Diocesan Catechists (ADC)Fr. C. Ovuta
25Shanahan Society of Nigeria, AbakalikiFr. A. Ogbunkwu
26Madonna Mercy FamilyFr. C. Agala
27Young Catholic Students of NigeriaFr. Eze Irem
28Apostles of Divine MercyFr. M.C Obododike
29Marian Movement of PriestsFr. Peter Azi
30St. Rita SocietyFr. D. Elom
31The Apostolate of the Most Precious Blood of JesusFr. R. Eselu
32Mary LeagueFr. R. Eselu
33Padre PioFr. V. Okonji
34National Association of Catholic CorpersFr. A. Ogbunkwu
35Our Mother of Perpetual Help (OMPH)Fr. K. Mbam
36Nigeria Federation of Catholic Students (NFSC)Fr. P. Chidebelu
37Pontifical Society of Mission ( PMS)Fr. C Nnachi
38Hospital Visitationaries of MaryFr. J. C Obasi
39Our Lady of the Holy InnocentsFr. J.P Nwankwo
40Association of the Ladies of Blessed Virgin MaryFr. D. Agara
41Apostleship of Prayer League of the Sacred Heart of JesusFr. A. Aleke
42Association of Mary, Queen of All HeartsFr. P. Otu-Ibe (CSSP)
43World Apostolate of FatimaFr. C. Agala
44Director of CatechesisFr. B. C Agbo
Statutory bodies and Societies and their Chaplains