Administration of the Diocese

ORDINARYMost Rev. Peter Nworie Chukwu, D. D.

Ordained Priest:                         
Ordained Bishop                      19thAugust, 2021 at Abakaliki.
Installed Residential Bishop: 19thAugust, 2021
Motto:                                                I am Totally Yours
                                                              (Totus Tuus Ego Sum)

Address:                                      St. Theresa’s Cathedral,
                                                         P.O. Box 90, Abakaliki,
                                                        Ebonyi State, Nigeria.

E-mail:                             ,
Office Hours                         Tuesday (Lay Faithful) , Wednesday (Priests and Religious) 8am –  12noon/4pm – 6pm.
Vicar General:                       Very Rev. Fr. Dr. Donatus Oluwa Chukwu,
                                                      St. Gabriel Parish, Onuebonyi,
                                                      P.O.Box 90, Abakaliki,

Vicar for Religious:                 Rev. Fr. 

Vicar for Clergy:                        Rev. Fr. Donatus Oluwa Chukwu

Diocesan Secretary:           Rev. Fr. Matthew Opoke,
                                                      Bishop’s Secretariat (Mile 50),
                                                      P.O.Box 52, Abakaliki

College of Consultors

S/N Names of the Consultors Position
1 Rt. Rev. Dr. P.N. Nworie (Ordinary) Chairman
2   Member
3   Secretary
4   Member
5   Member
S/N Names of the Senate Members Positions
1 Most Rev. P. N. Nworie (Ordinary)   Chairman
2   Ex-Officio
3   Ex-Officio
4   Ex-Officio
5   Elected
6   Elected
7   Elected
8   Elected
9   Elected
10   Elected
11   Elected
12   Elected
13   Elected
14   Elected
15   Appointed