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1. Laity Council -        Fr. M. Ogudu

2. Catholic Men Org (C.M.O) - Fr. C. Okoro

3. Catholic Women Org. (C.W.O) - Fr. L. Ajah

4. Catholic Youths Org. of Nigeria (CYON) -        Fr. R. Nweke

5. St. Anthony's Guild

6. St. Jude's Society

7. Legion of Mary -        Fr. B. Madu

8. The Block Rosary Crusade -       Fr. P. Azi

9. Sacred Heart Societies -       Fr. S. Nwagu

10. Asso. of the Sacred Heart of Jesus & I.H.M -       Fr. H. Chieme

11. Catholic Charismatic Renewal of Nigeria -       Fr. I. Nnaji

12. St. Theresa of the child Jesus

13. Catholic Biblical Instructors Union (CBIU)

14. Catholic Biblical Movement - Msgr. E. Egwu

15. Purgatorian Society

16. Tansi Solidarity Movement-      Fr. F. Akam

17. Lay Readers Association

18. Altar Knights Association

19. The Nurses Guild -        Fr. A. Nwali

20. The Knights of St. Mulumba -     Fr. J. Odoemene

21. The Knights of St. John -        Fr. R. Eselu & Fr. K Nomeh

22. Man of Order and Discipline -             Fr. Johnpaul Eselu

23. Diocesan Association of Choirs -        Fr. D. Ofuluozor

24. Missionary Society of St. Paul (MSP)-       Fr. C. Nnachi

25. Association of Diocesan Catechists (ADC) -       Fr. C. Ovuta

26. Shanahan Society of Nigeria, Abakaliki Diocese -      Fr. N. Ibe

27. Madona Mercy Family -    Fr. C. Agala

28. Young Catholic Students of Nigeria -      Fr. Eze Irem

29. Apostles of Divine Mercy -      Fr. M. C. Obododike

30. Marian Movement of Priests

31. St. Rita Society -     Fr. D. Elom

32. Apostolate of Most Precious Blood of Jesus - Fr. R. Eselu

33. Mary League -     Fr. R. Eselu

34. Padre Pio - Fr. V. Okonji

35. National Association of Catholic Corpers -      Fr. N. Ibe

36. Our Mother of Perpetual Help (OMPH) -      Fr. K. Mbam

37. Nigeria Federation of Catholic Students (NFCS) -     Fr. P. Chidebelu

38. Pontifical Society Mission (PMS) -           Fr. J. Origbo

39. Hospital Visitationaries of Mary -         Fr. J. C. Obasi

40. Our Lady of the Holy Innocents -          Fr. J. P. Nwankwo

41. Association of the Ladies of Blessed Virgin Mary -      Fr. D. Agara

42. Apostleship of Prayer League of the Sacred Heart of Jesus -   Fr. A. Aleke

National Association of Catholic Corpers - Fr. N. Ibe

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